How to create sub user or manage SBCGlobal Email Online?

After you login to the SBCGlobal email in the notebook, you'll locate a screen where a dashboard will appear and you have the choice to modify the preferences of email accounts under the'Management' alternative. From here, you can produce a sub-user for your email accounts or get useful capabilities. Now, we are going to shed light on'How to make sub-user and get other features online'.
  • On the'Self-care' management page, you will locate the 'Authenticate yourself' option.
  • Enter the username and password to authenticate.
  • If you don't wish to go into the login credentials , click 'Remember login credentials'.
  • Input 'Captcha' as given in the box.
  • If you are not able to login, then it implies there is a problem with the username or the password.
  • Log from this accounts after making the required changes. Just before exit the window, press'Save'.

The best way to create a sub-user?

  • To make a sub-user, login to the main account is demanded.
  • Input details in the form to create a sub-user.
  • Select the password that you wish to keep for the user.
  • Click 'Create an individual' option. You will get a'Successful' message on the screen.

How to check mailbox size?

Once in a while, you might be asked to inspect the mailbox to get the email in your account seamlessly. Here you'll find the'Manage' option by clicking on which you'll find'Edit mailbox' size. Change the size of this mailbox in accordance with your need and save the specifics.

If you want to stop getting emails from any email address, then the process is quite simple. The process once followed will help you keep from these promotional or spam mails received unnecessarily in your email inbox. The Measures to obstruct the email address in the SBCglobal Login account are:

  • Click on'Settings' and look to your'Block and disable' option.
  • Input the email address you wish to block from the'Individual email' address list.
  • To unblock the email , follow the exact same procedure.
  • When the email gets blocked, you will no longer get any email from that address.
  • Harness'Done' to finish the process. Now you can start accessing the mails in the inbox. Keep this thing in mind the prior emails from the blocked email address will stay in the inbox until you delete them.
This is all about the process of creating a sub-user to your SBCGlobal account on the internet and managing the settings of your account. We hope you have to give it a try and will surely succeed. In case of any problem, don't hesitate to contact experts that are dedicated and well-experienced in troubleshooting problems befalling email account.


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