In order to be able to make complete use of SBCglobal e mail, it's often essential to be aware of the related email settings. Really, a number of the individuals who execute searches related to turn out to be people that are interested in accessing the SBCglobal email server settings. As far as email settings go, it is worth noting that for each of those email domain names below the AT&T stable, there's a POP Server/Port placing along with a SMTP Server/Port setting. For every, there is also a POP3 user ID/username setting, together with the email services being beneath the POP3 protocol. Our focus will, nevertheless, be specifically about SBCglobal Login email: since we try to recognize the applicable email server configurations.

SBCglobal email domain domain setting

The email server domain name setting for SBCglobal email is simply

SBCglobal POP Server/Port setting

The POP Server/Port placing for SBCglobal is (with 995 function as the interface ).

The SMTP Server/Port placing for SBCglobal is (together with 465 function as the interface ).

SBCglobal POP3 consumer ID/username

The applicable POP3 consumer ID/username to get SBCglobal takes the arrangement of

On the question of whether SBCglobal needs SSL email does really require SSL. As a matter of general understanding, it might be well worth noting that all email domain names below the AT&T stable demand SSL, rather than only SBCglobal.

On the Matter of the routine type in SBCglobal

The applicable protocol kind for SBCglobal is POP3.

Where the SBCglobal email server settings are likely to be helpful

You're very likely to find these SBCglobal email server settings useful whenever you are working to set up your email program. These settings may also be useful when you're attempting to confirm your email program.

It is worth noting that the configurations we've researched are specifically for email servers. If you're using an email client like Microsoft Outlook or even Mac OSX mail, there are different approaches to be followed after either setting up or confirming the email app.

For additional help on matters to do with these settings, the best place to go is the email service section of AT&T support. There, you can discover the applicable settings to the other domains under the AT&T, besides the domainname.


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